FitTritious is about Fitness and Nutrition for mommies to-be, pregnant mamas, and not so new mamas who want to increase their energy, lose weight, tighten and tone up, lose body fat, or address and fix the fact that their butt just isn’t as tight as it was before baby!
It’s about keeping fit and naturally nourished for real every day crazy-mom-life.

Babies of exercising mothers are able to tolerate the stresses of labor and delivery better than non-exercising mothers.


Fit- is about staying or becoming strong during pregnancy to fight off the aches and pains of pregnancy. (Because yes dammit you deserve to be that glowing and radiant pregnant mama!)

It’s about building strength and stamina in your core muscles to endure childbirth.

It’s about strengthening those muscles you never knew you had until you started carrying around a newborn and all the other wonderful baby stuff!

It’s about being able to have the endurance and energy to run around and play with your toddler, and the ability to re-live a fun childhood without being tired, out of breath or lethargic.



Tritious – is about nourishing your body with the right earth grown foods to grow a healthy baby and fight pregnancy pains and illness naturally.

It’s about optimal nutrition for the best quality and production of breast milk.

It’s about restorative and healing foods for post-natal moms for optimal healing, recovery, rest and recuperation.

It’s about cooking homemade meals made with real food to feed your growing family, even on crazy busy weeknights!!


FitTritious isn’t a militant eating or exercise regime…

It’s about providing flexible solutions that you can live with and get results in the comfort of your own home. From cooking classes, meal plans, quick recipes, nutrition and lifestyle coaching and consulting, in- home personal training, to at-home exercises that you can do while playing with your baby or toddler on the floor.
FitTritious is for every mom in every stage of mommy-hood!