Frequently Asked Questions

Holistic nutrition’s principal function is to educate people about the benefits, health impact and disease prevention using real, earth grown natural living foods. In a world where mainstream medicine emphasizes a pill for every ill, holistic nutrition emphasizes nutritious and alive foods as preventative medicine for a long healthy life, as many chronic illnesses can be prevented or improved through diet and holistic nutrition to manage such conditions plaguing our society. Holistic nutrition involves working with clients on a mind, body and spirit level; encompassing nutrition, exercise, and psychological aspects for illness prevention and healing. Registered Holistic Nutritionists (R.H.N) aim to strengthen the immune system, restore balance in various systems of the body to help prevent disease, increase longevity, optimal health and well-being.
As a hybrid Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N) and personal trainer specializing in pre & post-natal moms, I self-styled myself and trademarked the term “FitTritionist”, to describe exactly me; a personal trainer specializing in fitness and nutrition. Also see my About section for what is FitTritious.
In the past I have worked with a variety of men and women who were and were not moms. Becoming a mom myself, has led me to deepen my interest in working specifically with moms, and helping them during the most important time of their life; in growing and nurturing a baby. Nutrition and fitness for conception planning, pregnancy and postpartum isn’t stressed enough to moms and moms-to-be. That’s why I’ve made it my life goal to train and educate moms, and spread the word about how and why fitness and nutrition for moms is so important for the health of themselves, their babies and their whole family.
Sure you could possibly find some of the information online, but do you have the time to scour online looking through a heap of conflicting, and often incorrect information about what the right and wrong post-natal exercises are, or what fats you should or shouldn’t be eating during pregnancy, or what the best cold and flu remedy is for a pregnant mom?

I know you don’t have that kind of time. You get the Truth:
As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N) and Pre & Postnatal Personal Trainer, I have spent hours and years studying and weeding out the incorrect from the correct information to help you succeed and reach your goals, without spending hours upon hours in a maze of research.

As your pre & postnatal FitTritionist, I will show you the science and studies behind the nutrition and fitness that will help you achieve your fit and nutritious goals, whatever they may be. I will personalize your fitness and nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle to help you get into the fit shape you’re looking for.
Because everyone has different requirements as to what they are looking for; be it one-on-one in home training, in studio training, group fitness, combined or stand alone holistic nutrition consults, or pre-natal cooking prep classes; the combinations are endless and cater to you and your needs and goals, so prices vary. Contact me here and we can discuss your goals and formulate a package that works for you.
Contact me here and book a strategy call so that we can talk about your nutritional and fitness goals and we can formulate a plan together.