Got Diastasis Recti? (aka Mummy Tummy)

What is it?

Diastasis (aka DRA) is a condition that many new moms are faced with. Approximately 50% of moms 12-15 weeks pp. will be affected by this condition. Which is the separation of the right and left rectus abdominus muscles.

What does it look like?

It looks like this in this diagram. The abdomen on the right as you can see the abdomen has separated is what diastasis looks like underneath your skin.

How it presents itself. Every mom is different.

The Look: Some moms may have a pregnant looking belly months or even years after having their baby. Others may have a cone-like shape to their belly. Other may have excess skin or wrinkly skin that just won’t go away.
The Feel: Some women have other symptoms such as leaking urine every time they sneeze or laugh or jump. Another symptom is low back pain that just won’t quit, and lastly pain or heaviness feeling in the pelvis area are all signs of pelvic instability and weakness.

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?

Although your doctor, OB or midwife checked you at 6 weeks postpartum they don’t assess the muscles in your pelvic floor. Which is why you probably aren’t getting the answers you want from your health care provider.

What to do about it.

First thing is first, I always send my clients to a pelvic floor physiotherapist to get checked internally. They will ensure that you can contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles properly. From there, I work with moms on a nutritional, functional movement, and exercise level to strengthen their deep core and pelvic floor muscles that work synergistically together to create stability in the back and pelvis, which together help heal you from the mummy tummy look, or the leaking pee and back pain issues.

How long will it take to heal my Mummy Tummy?

Every mom is different. It’s important to remember that this didn’t just happen over night As you were growing a baby of 9 months time, this was a gradual process and didn’t happen overnight.

The Good news:
Whether you are 3 months postpartum, 3 years postpartum or 30 years postpartum, most cases of DRA are totally able to heal with intervention. All it takes is your desire to heal and put in the work required to strengthen your body again.

But I haven’t had a baby, and I still have some of these symptoms you’ve mentioned.
Pregnant women, and women who have had a baby aren’t the only ones who get DRA. In fact many men may also get it. The causes vary and may be caused by obesity, chronic coughing, repetitive flexion movements like crunches, or hormones during menopause.

What to do next:
Drop me a line and tell me what’s you’re going through and what you desire and we can schedule a call together. With one-on-one personal training and a individualized program we will build for you, you’re going to become stronger than ever and look and feel better than ever!

Why you should never do crunches.

The #1 exercise you can do to heal your Mummy Tummy.