Strong Mom is a fitness class for moms and baby (walkers and toddlers also welcome).
This class is specifically designed and dedicated to making moms strong after having baby. We focus on restoring weakened muscles, namely the core and pelvic floor and engage in safe exercises to help correct diastais recti (aka mummy tummy) and other common postpartum issues.

This is a 1hr full body workout using resistance and circuit training to increase strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. After 10 weeks you will certainly be a Strong Mom.

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2 Locations to Choose From:
Thornhill & Vaughan

Wednesday’s @ 10am: Jun. 14 – Aug. 23

Location: 311 Cityview Blvd #4, Vaughan, ON L4H 3S7
Cost: $137 + HST

Bring a yoga mat and a set of dumbbells 2-5lbs. Park on the side of the building. The studio has it’s own entrance that you can get directly to from the side of the building. No stroller parking available.

Thursday’s @ 10am: Jun. 15 – Aug. 24

Location: 7994 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON L4J 1W3
Cost: $135 + HST

The studio is located on the 2nd floor. There is elevator access when you turn right upon entering the front doors. You are not required to bring any fitness equipment as studio has everything provided. Stroller parking space available.

Cost is $137+HST. Payment will be done on the first day of class. To reserve your spot, email me at

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

This class is for new moms (at least 6 weeks postpartum, and must be discharged from your Doctor/OB/Midwife). It’s also for not so new moms! If you have toddlers you can bring them with you or you can come without kids! (yeaaaaah for alone time right?!!!)
No matter if you’ve never exercised a day in your life, or if you’re a daily gym goer, this class is for everyone and modifiable for everyone.
The class is 1 hour long. The first 30 minutes of the class is a full body strength-training workout using weights. You can use 3-5lbs or even 8lb weights depending on your fitness level. 15 minutes is dedicated to a circuit workout or mat work. We end the class with stretches to release common tension points (neck, shoulders, mid-back, low back) throughout the body with stretches and corrective exercises.
All of the exercises are safe for postpartum moms. This means there isn’t high intensity exercises (aka jumping jacks, burpees etc) as these are unsafe exercises for postpartum moms. This class is specific to restoring weakened and compromised muscles namely the core and pelvic floor – no matter how many months or years postpartum you are. The focus is on strengthening our bodies not only to tone and tighten but also to create physical alignment and reduce pain and weakness, and build confidence while meeting other like-minded moms.
Babies can sit in their car seats, they can be on the floor beside you, they can crawl around! There will be a large blanket with various toys for the babies to play with and a bumbo chair and a bouncer as well. If you need to hold your baby or wear your baby, that’s ok too as we can modify the exercises to work for you and your baby. As for toddlers, please bring an activity that they can do to keep them busy while you’re getting your sweat on!
I understand that life as a mom gets a little hairy….well a lot hairy, and crazy!! You are welcome to make up a missed class at one of the other class locations: Splashville in Vaughan, The Play Lounge in Newmarket, The Thornhill Club in Thornhill.

What you need to bring to class:

Interested in Strong Mom Strollerfit?

Summer session starts July 4th!

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